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Form-A-Feed offers branded-name, specialty, private-label and custom formulated products directly and through Joint Ventures in the U.S. and International markets. Form-A-Feed product formulations are designed to enhance livestock performance, health, and improve food-safety. Product options include: base mixes, premixes, concentrates, micros, minerals, liquids, boluses, low-moisture tubs, water soluble and ingredientw.

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Over the past 40 years, additional companies have been developed or acquired to meet market needs, promote product innovation, and to provide specialized production services.  Click on the company links below to learn more about the products and services that each provide.


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With fed cattle prices at an all-time high, any improvements in live and carcass weight can result in great returns. Field trials and observations have shown Hydro-Lac to add 9-12 pounds live weight and 5-9 pounds hot carcass weight when fed for two days pre-harvest. At current live and carcass selling prices, this results in an added net return of $10 or more per head. In addition, Hydro-Lac can improve beef quality grades as well as improve meat quality attributes such as beef tenderness, juiciness, and shelf life. Why not add Hydro-Lac to your pre-harvest protocol today?

As you prepare for your warm weather plans, use these tools to help assess and provide your livestock with everything they need to minimize the impact of extreme conditions.


Heat Stress:Practical Lessons Dairy: Heat Stress Risk Snapshot Beef: Heat Stress Risk Snapshot

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